Vita Fons II
Directions for Use

Vita Fons II preparations are encoded with numinous energy which upgrades the interface between the spiritual aspect of the user and the inherent, incorruptible Perfection (the Divine Core).  They corroborate: E = mc2 : energy and matter are interchangeable.

The science behind these preparations — autology — depends on the fact that all things are based on, and contain, the One First Cause ‘without which was not anything made that was made’ (John 1:3) — i.e The Word: a purposeful Sound, Vibration, or Energy.

Applications of Vita Fons II increase the amount of numinous energy available to the chakras (mechanisms which convert Energy into Matter and vice versa).

This energy is encoded in a range of preparations — refer to our range of preparations to decide which (combination) is the most suitable for your purposes.  The more frequently it is used the more chances Vita Fons II has of maintaining a high level of synergy within the six unstable aspects of one’s entire Being, and with (a) one’s Origin and (b) one’s potential for perfection and (c) Creation.

An external application is normally a thin film of the most suitable Vita Fons II preparation, applied quickly and left for three minutes before being rubbed in or wiped off.  In critical situations, however, it may be necessary to apply a thick layer to boost the effect of the relevant chakra (see below).

Applications should be made to all malfunctioning secondary and tertiary chakras AND also to the following ‘major’ chakras: the ROOT, SPLEEN, SOLARPLEXUS (situated below the centre of the ribcage), HEART, BROW and CROWN(Since the active principle in Vita Fons II  is an energy, clothing, bedding, bandages and/or plaster casts will not stop it penetrating to the chakra(s) which needs upgrading.)

To upgrade the quality of energy obtained from food, before, during or after meals add five drops (or five depressions of the pump) of Vita Fons II Water  to food or drink.  Or instead a Vita Fons II Tablet may be allowed to dissolve under the tongue, chewed or swallowed.

By applying it externally to the chakras Vita Fons II converts Energy into upgraded Matter and by applying it to food and drink Vita Fons II helps with the transformation of Matter into creative Energy.

Occasionally there may be a resistance to change.  This is no cause for worry as it indicates that a wholesome synergy is being set up (see diagram: chakra 2).  Any reaction indicates a need to assist the process still further: the number of applications to the chakras and to food and drink should be increased (see para 7 above).  Use Vita Fons II every twenty minutes until the reaction subsides.  Gradually reduce applications until the preparations are being used as suggested on the following Chart.

Although they render succour the Vita Fons II Preparations have no medicinal properties.  Neither will they take the place of correct living, a balanced diet, exercise, fresh air or — during illness — good and careful nursing.

These directions are very full but an individual letter of advice (for which a fee will be charged) is available from:

Vita Fons II Limited, Combe Castle, Elworthy, Taunton, Somerset, U.K. TA4 3PX.

The ONE FIRST CAUSE is fundamental.  It should and can be echoed.

Man was created to nurture Creation and until he does so
he will not be Fulfilled.

(Note the level of CONSCIOUSNESS associated with each of the following chakras,
and the energy flow).

7  CROWN  Centre of Pure Being.   Without subject or object this chakra therefore promotes fundamental relaxation and balance; peacefulness.  It Promotes (1) synergy between all morphic units without any exception (first and foremost synergy between the creative Word and man), (2) enlightenment, (3) supra–rationality, and (4) conversion of divine Energy into Matter.

Fons II
6   BROW  Centre of: (1) Christ Consciousness, (2) awareness of the divinity in all things.  It Governs: (1) the Third Eye, (2) Solar Plexus and its functions: (e.g. ESP).   It Stimulates: (1) the ability to see things from the Divine perspective, (2) empathy (which overcomes Objectivity).
     ALTA MAJOR Effects access to the Universal Unconscious, (an exploit foreshadowed by Vita Fons II). It Governs: (1) instinctual alertness (essential for self-preservation), (2) non–verbal communication with all phenomena, and (3) it increases the efficacy of the ‘creative minority’.
5   THROAT   ‘The Gateway of Liberation’.   The Centre of exalted creativity.   It facilitates the conversion of upgraded Matter into exalted (creative) Energy.    It Stimulates: internal communication: and informs the somatic intelligence.    Sense: hearing.
4   HEART, a and b. 
The Seat of non–judgmental love and compassion. (Dysfunction here = antipathy).   It Boosts: (1) Growth of the entire being via increase of (a) empathy and (b) ability to cope. (2) Ability to act synergetically: to ground and radiate synergy.   Sense: touch (either physical or through vibrations).
3   SOLAR PLEXUS   ‘The Gateway to the Higher Self’.   The Seat of emotion, power, ego (identity) and ESP.  Boosts: inclusive purification of (1) all aspects of the morphic unit’s internal communication (making it a Oneness), (2) potential for transcendence, and (3) potential for resurgence.   Sense: sight.
     HARA  Supported by 2 & 3. Like Vita Fons II it boosts recovery from all types of imbalance and the impulse to see the Creator at work in all things. Governs: the upgrading of (1) Matter of every sort, (2) Vitality, (3) Regeneration.
2   SPLEEN/SACRAL   It Governs: sense–of–others and therefore bestows ability to be co–creative: it strengthens all the ROOT’S efforts: links the ROOT and SOLAR PLEXUS. It initiates exalted purification throughout all six sub–divine and unstable aspects of being.   Sense: taste
‘Our genetic blueprint has wired humans for God’
1   (a) ROOT   (b) BASE           The centre of purification.
The condition of this double chakra affects all the others.  It Governs instinctual reaction. When unbalanced it suppresses inter–species synergy. (When balanced it transforms Retribution into Redemption.)   It is the seat of Uprightness and wide horizons.  It houses
KUNDALINI which,when functioning correctly, can awaken all the major chakras and act like Vita Fons II as an agent of Positive Change.    Sense: smell.

and the
major chakras interact

purification, the formation of ductless glands, or the establishment of moral/spiritual Uprightness (see ROOT).

Herbert Benson, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. President of its Mind/Body Medical Institute.


To upgrade the Energy continuously converted into Matter, treat chakras.
To improve Matter to be converted into Energy treat all food and drink.
  1. If you are coping, and feel good it is wise to use Vita Fons II on a regular basis in order to keep on top of the pollution of air, water & food (including G.M. foods), and the unnatural electro–magnetic fields which surround us. Apply to the relevant ‘major' chakras and to all food and drink.  See 1) below.

  2. Inconveniences that give trouble but do not interfere with work require more Vita Fons II. Apply it to the relevant ‘major' chakras; to all food and drink; to all secondary chakras (formers of joints) and all tertiary chakras (formers of soft tissue), whose output needs upgrading.  See 2) below.

  3. When it is difficult to cope and/or hard to carry on, MORE FREQUENT use of Vita Fons II is called for.  See 3) below. You might like to consider our Back–up Service.

  4. When life has become intolerable, or when response to less frequent doses has been poor, in order to make more numinous energy available to the chakras, Vita Fons II should be used really frequently.  See (4) below.  You might like to call on our Back–up Service.

  5. If there is coma or when death threatens, never give Vita Fons II Water orally, but instead drop Vita Fons II Water into the eyes (opening them if necessary) and moisten the lips.  Ensure that an unconscious person is NEVER put in the position of having to swallow.  Additionally apply Vita Fons II Ointment or Talcum Powder — or any other Vita Fons II preparation — to the SPLEEN, SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT and BROW Chakras.  The unconscious form can be very lightly sprayed with Vita Fons II Water or dusted with Vita Fons II Talcum Powder at very short intervals.  The preparations' energy radiates through blankets, clothing, bandages and/or plaster casts.  (Follow (5) below).

In the above circumstances, and taking into account the demands
of Growth and Change, use Vita Fons II as follows:

Age in years


20/3030/4040/5050/6060/7070/8080/9090/100100+Regardless of age
Treat all food/drinks. Space applications over the day as far as possible.
(4) see above
(5) see above
1)433457891011One treatment every 20 minutuesOne treatment every 30 seconds or more frequently
2) 655781112141517
3) 86610121416182022

Improved chakra performance can be so subtle it may not always be readily apparent.
Use should be decreased with caution, and slowly.

To treat very many chakras simultaneously: (1) add 2 teaspoonfuls of Vita Fons II Lotion to the bathwater: soak in it for 20 minutes. (2) Sprinkle Vita Fons II Talcum Powder on the bottom sheet of the bed. (3) Add Vita Fons II Water to the last rinse when washing ‘smalls'. (4) Apply to the sides and soles of the feet and hands where there are many meridian points and secondary and tertiary chakras. Treat food and drink to double the effect.

To treat the chakras which form the eyes drop Vita Fons II Water straight into the eyes. (If this stings add three drops of Vita Fons II Water to an eyebathful of cool, weak, tea–and–milk). The CROWN, BROW and SOLAR PLEXUS (see diagram above) are all connected with the eyes. Treat all food and drink.

Apply Vita Fons II Ointment around and behind the ears to treat the tertiary chakras which form the ears. Drop drops of our Massage Oil into the ear and treat the HEART, BROW, THROAT and CROWN chakras (see diagram above).

Always remember that it may be necessary to apply Vita Fons II to more than one major chakra. For example when treating the HEART Chakra you should always treat the CROWN Chakra but it may prove necessary to treat the THROAT and BROW as well.

(Study the diagram (above) carefully, taking special note of the significance of each one).

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