Introducing Vita Fons II
and a 'principle new to science'.

VITA FONS II is a numinous energy which improves the interface between the spiritual aspect of all beings and the inherent, incorruptible Perfection (the Divine Core) which is the base of all created things.  That done, the spirit can work in total harmony with the divinity on which it is based.  This in turn enables all six unstable levels of being (body, soul & spirit and brain, emotions & mind) to be and behave more nearly as they should do.

Since energy and matter are interconvertible (vide: Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and mass/energy equation) and since the physical body is provided with countless centres where energy is converted into matter, there are countless points at which pre–physical perfection can be assisted to enter the Whole Being's system.  It is easy to initiate improvement by introducing a synergetic, numinous energy to these whirlpools of energy (called 'chakras' by both the Hindus and Western man).

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T.V. sets can be categorised as electrical goods.  Bread as food.  Cars as vehicles. But Vita Fons II  cannot be categorised.  There is nothing like it: no category into which it fits.  According to Dr Alex Forbes, M.A., D.M. (Oxon), F.R.C.P. (London), this work has revealed the existence of 'a principle new to science'.

Although its existence was mooted in China more than 2,500 years ago we are dealing here with something man's mind has never had to conjure with before.  So any preconceived ideas about its nature must be set aside from the beginning.

As Vita Fons II  is based on a new principle it was necessary to coin a word to describe it.  'Homœobiotic' seemed appropriate because Homœo means similar, and Biotic means life–promoting, and the whole principle is based on promoting conditions within which Life can flower by increasing harmony throughout the whole — body, soul & spirit and brain, emotions & mind so that they all reflect the perfection of the Divine Core and work more nearly as they should do.

The only way to achieve this is to perfect the interface (the common boundary) between the spirit and the eternally present perfection of the indwelling Divine Core, so that all aspects of the Core's perfect and numinous emissions are taken up by the spirit.

This numinous energy has been harnessed by Elizabeth Bellhouse.

How did Elizabeth come across something so universally desirable and acquire the ability to make a series of safe and simple preparations encoded with numinous energy?  A numinous energy which can be used not only for humans and animals but also plants and minerals?

Apparently she was born a healer — at any rate at the age of two she was healing people (among others: stopping the haemorrhage when her father cut his wrist with an axe).  The first healing she can remember was when she was not quite four.  Both her and her sister's puppies had eaten lethal doses of poisoned bait.  Elizabeth treated her own passionately–loved puppy — and it lived.  Her sister's (whom no–one helped) died quite quickly.

At the age of sixteen, while riding her mare, she underwent three concurrent experiences.  First: she found herself in the Presence–of–God; secondly she experienced the conditions at The Beginning — the 'Garden of Eden'; and thirdly she entered into a terrible grief which now cripples Nature's heart.

The result of this triple experience was that the 'healer' in her came to the fore and she committed herself to do what she could do to return Nature to her original state of joy.  This was in 1933, long before it became fashionable to be concerned about Nature's state.  This promise she made to God has ruled Elizabeth Bellhouse's life ever since.

Eventually experience as well as study showed her that the only way to resolve Nature's terrible grief and suffering was by helping man to become all he should and could be.  It is now believed by those at the very forefront of the New Physics, that the survival of man and Nature depends on mankind's ability to increase his spiritual purity and competence.  A feat he can accomplish by accessing his own inherent, indwelling and existent Perfection — the core of divinity which indwells him.

There is a fundamental fact about Nature that man has chosen to overlook.  Eckhart (a very great mystic) put it like this: 'Nature's intent is neither food, nor drink, nor clothing, nor comfort, nor anything else from which God is left out.  Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, secretly Nature seeks and hunts and tries to ferret out the track in which God may be found'.  That is: above all else, Nature — all of Nature: animals, men, minerals and plants— longs to get back to the God–indwelt Garden of Eden state of existence.

In the mid nineteen fifties Elizabeth found herself compelled to confess to Jesus that she was a manifest failure.  For twenty–two years she had tried her best to keep her vow to help Nature enter into Joy and Fulfilment, and she had got nowhere.  She also confessed how much she longed for a spark of Jesus' divine love to enter and illumine her heart — but in the same breath apologised for her great presumption.  On the instant she saw her heart (in the form of a cave) flooded with light.  She also received the intelligence that were she to do away with the need for diagnoses it would result in great blessing to mankind.

Within minutes all the knowledge she had acquired over the previous twenty–two years had re–arranged itself in her mind and she realised she had the technical ability to cut out the need for diagnosis.  So began her original work.

The first version of Elizabeth Bellhouse's work to become available was known as Exultation of Flowers.  It worked at the psychosomatic level and required no diagnosis.  Then in the early 1960's she found that she was in a position to help man spiritually and was persuaded by her husband to offer Vita Florum in July 1963.  In 1991 new possibilities disclosed themselves and resulted in Vita Fons II — which first became generally available in 1993.  Vita Fons II helps man to become a secondary fount of Life.  (God creates all the energy which is Life, whereas man is simply responsible for the nature of its form and most importantly: its well–being.)

All three series of Elizabeth Bellhouse's preparations have been homœobiotic but whereas Exultation of Flowers and Vita Florum were based on her experience of going back to the Garden of Eden, Vita Fons II is based on her experience of going forward to the 'Holy City' in which there will be no 'darkness' of mind or spirit, no 'sorrow nor crying nor any more pain', (Rev.21:4) — no disease, no want, no toil and no tears.

So how does Vita Fons II work?

The Whole Being consists of body, soul and spirit which are bound together by the actions of the brain, emotions and mind.  All six are centred on the eternally perfect Divine Core of being whose Perfection should flow through the spirit to flood them all with Joy–promoting energy, so that not only do (1) individual systems (body, soul and spirit) work without a hitch, but (2) the 'tissues' which bind them together (brain, emotions and mind) work in perfect harmony.  Whether in man,animals, plants or minerals Vita Fons II  helps to achieve this.

The basic Divine Core (the indwelling Perfection) recognises and promotes one need: that the latent perfection of form and function within and throughout every aspect of the Whole Being come into manifestation.

Improved interaction between the spirit and the Divine Core assists all aspects of The Whole to become independently more perfect — consequently all interact more harmoniously with each other.  That is each and all of the Whole Being's six unstable aspects tend to access conditions in which disease and pain can no longer flourish.  It follows that any tangible benefits arising from the use of Vita Fons II  arise only as side effects of improving the interface between the spirit and the basic divinity.

The effects obtained by the use of Vita Fons II  (the ability of the individual aspects of The Whole to work increasingly harmoniously and find and proceed down 'the path in which God may be found') are essential to recovery of man's latent spiritual potential.  He should be a 'Tree of Life': the source of a spiritual environment which provides for all Nature's needs.

It is obvious that no agent having such an object can be developed out of the exploitation and ruthless cruelties of animal experimentation.  Like begets like.  An agent that can be used in all circumstances, that can never do harm, that will back up any good being done by medicines and treatments, that can be used to benefit every type of living thing, cannot ever have had any connection whatever with cruelty and exploitation.

By its very nature Vita Fons II  is safe to use in all circumstances and clearly, no such thing as an overdose is possible.  You cannot have too much Harmony, Joy, Fulfilment or Perfection.

It is not addictive, so, if one wishes to use it regularly, Vita Fons II  has to become part of one's routine.  One is free, of course, to turn to it only in crisis situations.  But if there is a crisis of any sort whatever — to keep the means of communication with the Divine Core (the inherent Perfection) fully open, or as fully operable as possible — its use should be increased.

We are often asked how soon improvement can be expected.  This question seems always to refer to physical improvement and ignores the fact that Vita Fons II  goes about setting up an environment within which every part and function of the Whole Being can exist and act in proportion with all else.  In order to do this it may be necessary to remove pain or illness because they are a hindrance to spiritual development: a hindrance to finding the path that leads Godward.  On the other hand pain and illness may have something to teach.  The speed with which the user overcomes his emotional, physical and spiritual excesses, blemishes and shortfalls will depend on these factors.  It will also depend on the spirit in (the relevance or irrelevance with) which the preparations are used, and/or supplied to the sufferer.  Their effect may well be miraculous and open the mind to possibilities it had never considered possible before.  But improvement may be very protracted — or even prove impossible — in those who, at base, do not want to recover.  This desire may reside below the surface consciousness of some, but others may relish exploiting either the good nature of those who look after them, or the social benefits available from Government sources.  People looking after such persons may well find that if they use the preparations themselves their understanding of the situation, and consequent ability to cope and help with it — to endure it — is improved.

*        *        *

We began by saying that Vita Fons II  is based on a principle new to science.  This is true of both Eastern and Western science, but the Chinese have an outlook on herbal agents which is very different from the western orthodox outlook and to some extent concurs with the homœobiotic as opposed to the Allopathic and/or Homœopathic approach — both of which fight disease, pain and malfunction.

The Chinese refer to any agent which treats only specifics as 'inferior'.  Agents which strengthen body functions they regard as 'middle' agents.  'Superior' agents are panaceas which nourish the body's defensive mechanism, enabling it to maintain conditions within which its functions can act effortlessly.  (If the body–functions are trouble–free they keep the body–parts healthy.  E.g. make light work of digesting food, healing wounds, pumping blood).

While none of these categories of (Chinese) classification can include Vita Fons II  they do display the existence of a thought–frame which comes nearer to ours than Western orthodoxy does.  Except for such 'inferior' agents as they may use, while the Chinese aim to make good deficiencies in body–functions and to improve, for example, the defence mechanism as a whole, Vita Fons II aims to supply the Whole Being with the one thing it needs to enable it to work perfectly: Awareness of the path which leads Godward.

*        *        *

The principle on which Vita Fons II  works has nothing in common with the allopathic principle which underlies western medical science and it acts within areas which are outside medical science's province: (1) the spiritual and the numinous and (2) it aims to provide a spiritual environment which meets Nature's need to find the track which leads Godward.

Forward–looking, advanced, modern scientists are coming to the conclusion that the solution to the problems we face today — collapse of the ecosystem and a mega–epidemic of disease — must be spiritual in nature and many similarities between the findings of the New Physics and Buddhism and Hinduism have received considerable publicity.

Taking into account the diversity of the enhancements that can be obtained through the use of Vita Fons II, not only in regard to man's needs, but having regard also to animals, plants, and minerals, desperate needs, it is possible that Vita Fons II  can make good shortfalls responsible for our current problems.

For man to use this agent of spiritual recovery to best advantage he simply needs to apply the appropriate preparation to all areas where spiritual shortfall is introduced through chakra–dysfunction (i.e. to areas which are malfunctioning or causing pain or discomfort) and to the navel, solar plexus, heart, forehead and top of the head (see diagram).  These 'major' chakras not only govern the conversion of energy into matter but also exert great influence on the spirit, brain, emotions and mind.  We recommend oral doses too because they bring Vita Fons II  into contact with the myriad energy centres within the body.

The Vita Fons II  effect is so basic that it benefits all types of living things.

It should be used in exactly the same way for animals as for man, but in smaller amounts because theirs is a secondary shortfall — man initiates all the shortfall within creation.

For ease of application to plants and minerals we offer Vita Fons II  in various forms: Dusting Powder, Foliar Spray, Rooting Powder, Seed Dressing and Soil Conditioner.  It is applied directly to plants, soils, crystals, etc. to assist them to be and become more nearly their ideal selves.

Vita Fons II  cannot take the place of good diet or sufficient exercise, and, during illness, correct and careful nursing; nor can it take the place of good gardening, horticultural, or agricultural practice; but, used in conjunction with organic husbandry it can do far more than help reverse the rundown of soil fertility or the increase of disease resistance in crops and animals.

Preparations encoded with this agent of spiritual enhancement — this aid to interfacing with the Perfection eternally present at the core of all living beings — are available from the address at the foot of this leaflet.  The preparations have no medicinal properties — what medicine increases crop yields and soil fertility?

These preparations have only one effect: they enhance the interface between the spiritual aspect of the Whole Being and its existent and eternally perfect Divine Core so that all its functions and parts are enabled to bear witness to the Perfection from which they spring.

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