19th April 2000

Did you benefit from the Swiss Doctor's Advice
of applying Vita Fons II Tablets
over the chakras?

One gentleman who understood the exact nature of this advice wrote saying that, as a result, he was using our Tablets 'sprinkled on the bottom sheet in place of the Talcum Powder and seem to feel the energy radiating from them'.  This, of course, is extremely practical as the Tablets are the most potent of our Preparations.  So one gains more benefit from using Vita Fons II in this way.  Furthermore, as the Tablets are so compact they create less dust.

There has been a lot of comment in the press, over the years, about talc.  Some time ago it was asbestos which was making the news and, more recently diethylamine (DEA).  As I know this has caused some concern, I have checked with our suppliers and they assure me the powder we use contains neither ingredient/product.  Vita Fons II Talcum Powder is simply ground, naturally occurring minerals to which nothing has been added, except the active ingredient: numinous energy.

Reverting to the Swiss Doctor's advice about applying Vita Fons II Tablets to the chakras makes me wonder if you have ever considered adding Vita Fons II Water to a bowl of water and soaking your fruit and vegetables in it for twenty minutes?  If you do this you are helping to upgrade the matter which your digestive tract utilises to make the Energy which becomes Consciousness.  Another way of indirectly helping to increase Consciousness is to add Vita Fons II Water to the water in which you rinse your dishes and cutlery.

Two ways of applying Vita Fons II Water indirectly to assist the chakras with the conversion of energy into Upgraded Matter are to add it to (a) the final rinsing water used for your clothes and (b) to the water you wash your face etc in each night and morning.  (In all the foregoing instances Vita Fons II Water should be used at the rate of 7 drops per small wash hand basin of water).

I hope you find the above helpful in maximising the benefit you gain from Vita Fons II.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Increasing Consciousness is important as it improves the environment in which you live and work.

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