7th December 2004

Announcing a New Product

After many requests we are pleased to offer you a Soap.  It is hand made from coconut oil, water, palm oil, glycerine and Vita Fons II, in 100gms bars.

Our Soap is amazingly gentle.  It is designed to dissolve surface oil and grime, without leaching out your skin’s natural oils.  The glycerine it contains will act as a moisturiser.

It is hand made by the cold–process method.  This maximises the retention of the naturally occurring minerals and vitamins of the ingredients.  Wooden moulds ensure our Soap’s proteins are not corrupted.  It has a pH value of about 6, which is amazingly low.  Most hand made soaps have a pH around 8.  The only way to control pH value is through the use of harsh chemicals.  Rather than use these, which would have an even worse effect on your skin than a high pH value, we will allow the pH value to fluctuate from batch to batch.

Your skin is your body’s largest, and most visible, organ.  It breathes, feels, nourishes, reduces dehydration, helps regulate body temperature, wards off bacterial infection, excretes toxins for you and so deserves a little cosseting.

What governs the absorption of Vita Fons II is of course the chakras.  The majority of the body’s major, secondary and tertiary chakras are located just above the surface of the skin.  If your skin is in good condition, it is going to be easier for you to take advantage of Vita Fons II’s unique ability to (re)connect to Causal Energy (Divinity).  I wonder where the saying that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ came from?

One user wrote of the Vita Fons II Soap: ‘Lathers beautifully ... very economical ... skin feels soft — not dry or taut, not even my face.  Most importantly my husband — who has sensitive skin and often suffers an itchy rash after contact with soap — has been using it without any adverse reaction’.  A lady living in a hard water area wrote: ‘very pleasant to use, quite a good lather ... my skin felt soft after use.’  Another: I shall certainly continue to use it.’

No fragrance has been added to our Soap, so it is suitable for both men and women.

Also Announcing the Introduction of
Vita Fons II Gift Vouchers

It is amazing we never thought of it before, but having received several requests for Gift Vouchers we are now supplying them.  Hopefully we have designed them so they will fit easily inside Birthday, Christmas and Greetings cards.

Ron, my husband, has taken some photographs which we have used to make three cards to enclose the Gift Vouchers in.  Vouchers for £5, £10 and £25 are available.  (They are also available in both American and Canadain dollars and Euros.)

We are very fortunate to (live and) work in Exmoor National Park.  We are surrounded by some very beautiful countryside, so over a period of time we will be sharing with you some local views.  Ron is particularly fond of the first one as he won his first photographic competition with it!  “The Lane” is the road which leads to Combe Castle.  Even though we are seven hundred feet above sea level it is unusual for us to have snow.

Ron was frustrated that the lens on his camera was not sufficiently wide to capture both ends of “The Rainbow”.  I recently heard that an eighth colour is trying to emerge in rainbows.  As it is the quality at which man lives his life which governs Nature, additional colours can only appear in rainbows due to a spiritual change in man.  Mother (Elizabeth Bellhouse) is always writing about the spiritual effect Vita Fons II has, so I was greatly encouraged to read that the collective level of man’s conscious Awareness has recently risen from just below, to just above 200 — 200 being the point of balance between good or bad.  It is encouraging to think the work which we do here may have contributed to this change, but without you using Vita Fons II and introducing it to your friends and family it would not have been possible.

When I wrote in September, I mentioned that Mother had a life changing experience which was the beginning of the path which led to Vita Fons II being made.  The outcome of what, in fact was a triple experience, was a promise to God to do all she could to help heal Nature — who she realised was ‘crippled, bewildered and crying out for aid’.

What more logical place to go to study healing than St Thomas’ (a London teaching) hospital . Wrong!  The medical profession studies disease, not well–being.  Her father had begged her not to go.  He had known her sensibilities would not withstand what she would experience.  Undoubtedly, her “medical career” was foreshortened by witnessing the pleasure a Professor derived from dissecting a frog.  So “Frogs” are a significant symbol on the path which lead to Vita Fons II coming into being.

The Importance of Storing
Vita Fons II Correctly

You may remember that in the Foundation’s Midsummer 2004 Newsletter, Mother included the following report: ‘I burnt the skin on my finger just behind the nail, with the iron.  It was agony.  I stuck it under the tap and held it there under cold water until it felt frozen but a few minutes later, it was hurting again.  So then I put “Nelson’s Burn Ointment” on it but it still kept on hurting and was very red.  Finally, I put Vita Fons Ointment on.  It was amazing.  I watched the redness just recede and the pain just went.’  A–E S E, London.

Last month we heard from the same lady again.  This time she had ‘an interesting thing to report’.   She had burnt her arm the day before.  It was a bad burn.  She applied our Ointment and, as before, the pain and the redness receded.  But this time only momentarily.  She continues:

‘I kept putting the Ointment on and it didn’t work.  It wasn’t out of date.  The pot was still a third full and had worked before.  In utter desperation I soaked a tissue with Vita Fons II Liquid, and in five minutes the pain went and didn’t return.  So I searched in my mind why the Ointment hadn’t worked and realised I had taken it to Jersey and back again and I think the x-rays had affected it.  I report this as a warning to other users.  Plus it has been by my bedside lamp a lot of the time.’

Having used Vita Fons II for seven years, the lady had experiential knowledge it would enable her to cope.  She remembered and anticipated a reduction in pain — but because the numinous energy was no longer in the Ointment, it stopped in a moment.  With an absolute fear of burns, it is quite incredible that she had sufficient flexibility of mind — during the midst of her crisis — to turn instead to our Water for help.  As soon as the Vita Fons II energy was present for her to tap into, her connection with Causal Energy (Divinity) was strengthened and she was able to cope.

The importance of what she shares with us this time is the necessity to store Vita Fons II correctly, so that it retains its energy — its active ingredient.  This lady, I know, has previous experience of using homœopathic remedies, so it would appear that she mistakenly assumed Vita Fons II behaves the same way.  It doesn’t!  It works homœobiotically, and so is not rendered ineffective as a result of being exposed to x–rays.

Almost as an afterthought she mentions that the jar had been kept by her bedside lamp.  All living things resonate between 7.8 and 10Hz, but lamps resonate at a higher frequency.  So coming into contact with something which adversely interfered with the natural flow of Causal Energy, her jar of Ointment automatically became activated.  Its energy was used up neutralising the adverse effect of her bedside lamp.  This is not to say that Vita Fons II failed her, it hadn't.  It had helped her to maintain as good a contact as possible with Causal Energy — the source of all life — but in a different way than she had anticipated.

I appreciate that her Ointment had been exposed to x–ray equipment — which also resonates at a level which de–synchronises all living matter — but only for a short period of time.  Insufficient to use up all its numinous energy.  I have not checked but I assume the lady failed to keep her Ointment in the box or tube provided, so exposure to the lamp’s unnatural frequency — over a prolonged period of time — eventually reduced and/or exhausted the numinous energy in the jar, which she had previously experienced the benefit of applying.

So if you want to benefit from this lady’s experience: do please store your Vita Fons II correctly.  To gain most benefit from its potential for change, you should store Vita Fons II in the box or tube in which it is supplied away from toxic material (e.g. disinfectant, toothpaste, allopathic, herbal and homoeopathic medicines) and electrical appliances, etc..

Accrued Benefits

As I mentioned this lady has used Vita Fons II for seven years and the benefits of using Vita Fons II regularly accrue.  It is commendable that, in her state of blind panic, she was able to think laterally and decide to use Vita Fons II Water instead (of the Ointment).

Every atom of every cell has an inbuilt need of spiritual nourishment.  This is the only need which Vita Fons II addresses, when it strengthens the interface (forms a bridge) between the Spirit and the source of Causal Energy — Divinity.

Unfortunately our spirits are not stable and so are motivated by both good and bad influences.  Creative influences increase consciousness, while destructive influences are stored in our subconscious.  As they are virtually inaccessible it is extremely difficult to resolve problems which are stored, and created, in our subconscious.  Usually we only become aware of them when they manifest themselves in the (then current) weakest part of our psyche or body.

By strengthening, and dare I say it, in some cases even reconnecting, our spirits to Causal Energy, Vita Fons II increases consciousness.  The more consciousness is increased the less space there is for the subconscious, so the less virtually insoluble problems we can store and create.  Using Vita Fons II is a win–win situation as it (1) reduces the amount of ‘bad energies’ we can store and (2) at the same time encourages us to accumulate positive energies.  Its effect is like compound interest — the longer we use it the more spiritual benefits accrue.

Gaining More Benefit from Vita Fons II

In the hope that it might help you gain more benefit from using Vita Fons II, I thought you might like to know I have found that if Vita Fons II is applied over my back (where, on the whole, the major chakras take in energy to convert into matter) an application is more effective than if it is applied over my front (where most of them expel energy).

I have also found that if somebody else makes the applications over my back for me, they are more effective than if I make the applications myself.  I can only assume this is because the Vita Fons II is sprayed into my chakra, rather than across it, and that apart from treating the energy as it enters my chakra I am also ‘clearing’ my auric field — the path used for future intake of energy.  If I am correct such applications have both an immediate and a delayed effect.

If (when dressed) one’s clothes are lightly sprayed with Vita Fons II Water, the numinous energy is held in place by them until it is absorbed.  Apart from saving dressing and undressing frequently, applying Vita Fons II in this way is remarkably effective.

As mentioned above, the Vita Fons II Preparations achieve their effect by acting as a bridge between you and Causal Energy (Divinity).  They have no medicinal properties.  Their use simply provides spiritual nourishment.

At this time of year our family is preparing to celebrate Christmas.  The New Testament is a record of Jesus’ life.  It is also the main source of Mother's knowledge and so it strikes me as apt to share with you what one gentleman recently wrote: ‘the principles of Vita Fons II is about the only science I know which makes sense within my perception of reality’.  Since Jesus lived so that we could live life more abundantly, I appreciate another user's comment that: 'my thoughts have changed for the better since taking Vita Fons II.  It has made me a better person.'

I join Mother and the rest of the staff, in sending you our very best wishes for a very happy and blessed Christmas.

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