10th November 2000

Announcing a new improved
Vita Fons II

I am delighted to announce a significant improvement in the Vita Fons II formula.

The route which led to Vita Fons II began in 1933 and has passed five distinct milestones:

  1. by 1950 I was making homťopathic flower potencies using the method devised by Dr Edward Bach;
  2. in 1956 I did away with the need for diagnosis with the introduction of homťobiotic flower potencies which worked on the psychological level;
  3. in 1963 came flower potencies which acted only on the spiritual aspect of the user;
  4. in 1991 flower potencies were superceded by energies which helped the user to more effectively rise to spiritual (Divine) challenge.  They corrected the effects of spiritual shortfall; and now,
  5. in 2000, the addition of an energy which helps one consolidate, or stabilise, the gains one makes thereby releasing energy for further improvement.

If you have had a supply of Vita Fons II recently then you will already have received the improved 'formula'.  I hope you are finding the extra potential helpful in accepting and meeting life's spiritual challenges.

I trust you and your loved ones have not been too badly affected by the recent storms.  The storms are a reflection of the turmoil in men's hearts and it was as a result of experiencing Nature's turmoil in 1933 that I started on the path which led to Vita Fons II.  If only, between us, we could get ▒7,500,000 people to follow the longing in their hearts — which is what the numinous energy in Vita Fons II helps — then the world in which we live would become unrecognisable.

With the aftermath of the storms, the threat of fuel protests and bed shortages the outlook for the winter is bleak.  I do hope these will not interfere with your celebrations of Christ's birthday.

All of us here send you our very best wishes for Christmas.

P.S. Fortunately the fuel protest and storms haven't noticeably affected us, however, considering the projected
disruptions you may like to reconsider the amount of Vita Fons II you keep by you.

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