20th September 2004

What led to Vita Fons II
being made?

I am often asked how Mother (Elizabeth Bellhouse) came to make Vita Fons II.  It began in 1933.  She had a life changing experience.  By 1955 she was skilfully prescribing the Bach Flower Remedies, most of which are based on the homoeopathic principle.

According to Nelson’s Handbook ‘homoeopathy is not a cure–all, nor an elixir of life’.  Following a cleansing (illness, which the Bach Centre said was untreatable), Mother was able to evaluate homoeopathic potencies.  She understood exactly how ‘our fears, our cares, our anxieties’, are treated.  They are ousted, to the subconscious!!  She never used a homoeopathic potency again.

One night Mother was praying.  To her surprise she heard ‘if you did away with the need for diagnosis what a blessing it would be’.  Within ten minutes she was able to rearrange her knowledge and make a blend of flower potencies requiring no diagnosis.  Instead of suppressing psychological problems, it boosted/activated the co–operation, trust and fulfilment which the user already possessed.

For seven years Mother perfected these potencies.  Towards the end of this time she knew her work had advanced from the psychological to the spiritual.  Our Lady (Jesus' Mother) named the spiritual blend Vita Florum.  Mother developed it until she knew it was impossible to refine it further.

So, what happened to make Mother start evaluating her work again?  An international trade–mark dispute!!  She had to agree to the unthinkable: stop selling Vita Florum, in certain markets — or change the name.

A need to change the name meant Mother re–evaluated the potencies she made.  As a result, she realised she was capable of providing an energy which increases conscious Awareness not only by improving (1) the uptake of Causal Energy and (2) by enhancing the indwelling memory of Perfection but also (3) encourages the recipient to accept his/her spiritual responsibilities.  God creates all the energy which is Life, but it is man's responsibility to nurture it to ensure it is benevolent and flourishes.

So Vita Fons II was born.  A Preparation which (however feeble) invites us to reach for our potential.  Everything begins (and ends) in consciousness, so if one’s consciousness expands sufficiently it can assist in enriching all sorts of things — both on a personal level and on a global scale.

If you would like to learn more about Vita Fons II Mother has written a book called:‘The True Reality’ as well as recording an audio tape: ‘Vita Fons II — A General Introduction’. The principles upon which Vita Fons II is based are explained in some detail on the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation's web site.  

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